Agile transformation for your company

Thinking about transforming your business by implementing agility? We can help in this process of cultural change and training agile teams.


We seek to bring the experience of new methodologies to companies and people interested in entering the world of agility.


Help organizations implement agility by improving products and processes with a focus on people and their growth.


Preparing new agile professionals for the market through advanced training combining knowledge and practice.


Agile transformation for companies that want to improve their results effectively, safely and raising the level of their professionals.


Assist in the development of organizational skills necessary to change, learn and streamline product and business strategies by quickly responding to market changes and customer needs through agility.

Helping in the growth of agility in the world through our trainers and consultants with a focus on continuous student learning.

Train people with the skills to be agents of change in the companies where they work, taking the culture of agility to the development of products and businesses.
Adapt to technological and market changes to create innovative products that meet the changes and demands of the new times.

About Us

Hackadme is a Global company based in the United Kingdom (UK) focused on training and agile transformation for companies and people who want to grow in the world of agility.

We emerged in 2019 when we felt that there was a growing demand for agile professionals in the market and there was a lack of adequate qualification for both those who were starting and for those who wanted to evolve in their careers.

We founded Hackadme to primarily serve those seeking quality and international certification such as the Scrum Alliance. With our rapid growth we were able to serve other countries such as Brazil, Portugal, Canada, India, France and the USA, training students in different languages and cultures.

The evolution of our students was very visible in the eyes of the market, thus bringing new opportunities to Hackadme. We deliver agile transformation and in-company training where we provide all our teaching methodology and practical experience.

Students trained around the world by our trainers.
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Of positive evaluation by students who graduate from Hackadme
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Of our students return to study with Hackadme


Qualifying teams is an important step for any company.

We have IN-COMPANY training, tailored to suit the conditions and size of your teams.

We have already participated in the Agile transformation into Scrum of several companies worldwide, raising productivity, quality and creativity to the highest level in the market.

Agile transformation is a reality in many sectors and not just in the IT area.

Agility is present in modern companies bringing several benefits.

HACKADME has the international vision and experience in implementing agile teams to help change your company’s culture.

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of companies in Latin America managed to reduce costs with agile practices in projects and business
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realized improvement in the speed and adaptability of processes and operations.
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improved response time to market.
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reduced risk during development.
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of business leaders say they are nimble enough to meet current customer demands.

Scrum Alliance® Certifications


We work with several Agility trainings with Scrum Alliance® certification in many languages, including Portuguese, English, French, German.

We are the only registered education provider (REP) that provides all Scrum Alliance® certification courses in Portuguese.

Entry level (Basic): Scrum Master (CSM®), Product Owner (CSPO®) and Scrum Developer (CSD®).

Advanced: Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM®), Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO®), and Advanced Certified Scrum Developer (A-CSD®).

Professional: Certified Scrum Professional – Scrum Master (CSP-SM®), Certified Scrum Professional – Product Owner (CSP-PO®) and Certified Scrum Professional for Developers (CSP-D®).

Agile Leadership: Certified Agile Leadership – Essentials (CAL-E®), Certified Agile Leadership for Teams (CAL-T®), Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations (CAL-O®).

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